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Childrens Place: Baby Haul

Childrens place had this awesome sale last week (still on going), so I decided to shop a little. ALL apparel items 50%-60% off, No exclusions! Crazy right? There was also a clearance section with bodysuits for two bucks, I swear! Another reason for me to shop there is the free shipping, no minium purchase required. Everything nice am I right? Don’t worry I didn’t go too crazy. I’ll try to link everything but if it’s not available anymore then maybe it’s just sold out.

Let’s start off with these long sleeved body suits.

I bought a lot of these in a bigger size thinking they’d be good for the fall but she already fits into them! I got them in size 9-12 months and she’s only 5 months old lol… A lot of them say Daddy’s little girl because I think it’s quite cute. We both always wanted a girl when I was pregnant so we’re quite content. He calls her Princess -rolls my eyes-

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Foil ‘Daddy’s Princess’ Graphic Bodysuit 

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Foil ‘I’m The Princess I Break The Rules’

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Glitter ‘Beautiful Like Mama’ Unicorn Grap

Baby Girls Long Sleeve ‘Daddy Can’t Handle Me’ Graphic Bodysuit

I wanted the tutu body suit for picture purposes only LOL! The second plain volume bodysuit is self explanatory. We all want a volume button on our LOs.

Unisex Baby Short Sleeve Volume Graphic Bodysuit

Baby Girls Sleeveless Foil ‘Hashtag Selfie Queen Like Mama’ Graphic Tutu Bodysuit


Baby Girls Elephant Printed Cozy Blanket

I bought the shoes in a bigger size because I know she’s not gonna need them for a while. She already knows how to kick them off so I can’t even make her wear them out of cuteness -sad- . The crown is for picture purposes again (of course). The sock that came with it are actually New born socks so … theyre just kind of there.

Baby Girls Glitter Cat Slip On Shoes

Baby Girls Glitter Crown Headwrap And Printed Sock Set

Baby Girls Metallic Cat sandals


That’s all there is to this short post. As always here’s a cute picture to end the haul~


Isn’t she cute?