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Ardene Haul (sale) August 2018

I haven’t been keeping up with blogging these days. My little girl is finally (dreaded this) teething. Driving us both insane but we’re managing. Here is my belated haul~

I really, really, needed new shorts for the summer. Not just any shorts though, I wanted some high waisted shorts because I’ve been really into crop tops and shorter tops in general. I call my wardrobe a mom wardrobe since it incorporates around my belly and boob access for breast feeding. So here is some spam ~ (why do people eat spam anyways??)


I bought six pairs of shorts, two pairs of skinny jeans, a pair of joggers (?) and lastly an off shoulder top.

Right off the bat I’m going to upload the shorts I got because they were the main reason I even shopped. 

Basic pair or denim. Not too short. Parents and old folk approved ( i think). Looks black but it’s navy 🙂


Typical Black shorts. Ripped/Frayed and high waisted.


Another basic not so short pair of denim. Add some color into me wardrobe. Mauves not bad.


These white shorties are wider at the bottom on me and honestly rides up at times revealing my butt. I uncuff the ends to fix this. honestly love how high waisted these are and they match a lot of my tops.

High Waist Jean Shorts

My Favorite of the bunch~ Love the ombre ~ very bright 🙂 frayed hem and again high waisted (they all are)


FREAKING LOVE THESE. Searched high and low for a sailor style pair with the buttons aligned in two along the middle. In loveeee. It’s not exactly denim but it fits e so well ❤

Denim Jean Shorties

Moving on to them skinny jeans~ etc.


Classic Jeggings

MOVE Slouch Joggers

Basic Off Shoulder Top


And that’s it! hopefully it wasn’t too boring as there isn’t much variety to this haul haha.

Here’s a cute pic to end the post~ Ain’t she cute?


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Childrens Place: Baby Haul

Childrens place had this awesome sale last week (still on going), so I decided to shop a little. ALL apparel items 50%-60% off, No exclusions! Crazy right? There was also a clearance section with bodysuits for two bucks, I swear! Another reason for me to shop there is the free shipping, no minium purchase required. Everything nice am I right? Don’t worry I didn’t go too crazy. I’ll try to link everything but if it’s not available anymore then maybe it’s just sold out.

Let’s start off with these long sleeved body suits.

I bought a lot of these in a bigger size thinking they’d be good for the fall but she already fits into them! I got them in size 9-12 months and she’s only 5 months old lol… A lot of them say Daddy’s little girl because I think it’s quite cute. We both always wanted a girl when I was pregnant so we’re quite content. He calls her Princess -rolls my eyes-

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Foil ‘Daddy’s Princess’ Graphic Bodysuit 

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Foil ‘I’m The Princess I Break The Rules’

Baby Girls Long Sleeve Glitter ‘Beautiful Like Mama’ Unicorn Grap

Baby Girls Long Sleeve ‘Daddy Can’t Handle Me’ Graphic Bodysuit

I wanted the tutu body suit for picture purposes only LOL! The second plain volume bodysuit is self explanatory. We all want a volume button on our LOs.

Unisex Baby Short Sleeve Volume Graphic Bodysuit

Baby Girls Sleeveless Foil ‘Hashtag Selfie Queen Like Mama’ Graphic Tutu Bodysuit


Baby Girls Elephant Printed Cozy Blanket

I bought the shoes in a bigger size because I know she’s not gonna need them for a while. She already knows how to kick them off so I can’t even make her wear them out of cuteness -sad- . The crown is for picture purposes again (of course). The sock that came with it are actually New born socks so … theyre just kind of there.

Baby Girls Glitter Cat Slip On Shoes

Baby Girls Glitter Crown Headwrap And Printed Sock Set

Baby Girls Metallic Cat sandals


That’s all there is to this short post. As always here’s a cute picture to end the haul~


Isn’t she cute?



YESSTYLE HAUL (Treating myself)

MY PACKAGE CAME IN~ well one of them anyways. (I’ll link it all at the bottom)

Everything all together~

So I am currently 5 months postpartum and the first thing I noticed was how hard breast-feeding is with my (used to be) everyday clothing. Well actually that’s a lie the most difficult part IS the breast-feeding but that’s a story for another day. These days, however, I’ve adapted to breast feeding with normal shirts on. Of course the reason being is my baby is bigger and more capable now as well. I had the habit of taking off the straps of tank tops off one shoulder, so that I could breast feed easier.

TL:DR I NEEDED MORE TANK TOPS! And skin care because I’m running out and most new moms look like crap for a while. (Also want to apologize for bad photo quality)


First Top Is actually labelled as a “camisole”. It is thicker than normal tanks since it is “knit”. It’s very soft and actually very tightly knit (?) so there wont be any loose strands or wool etc. I quite like it as it’s very form-fitting on me (I think?) and the straps are super thin so it’d look nice later on when I’m no longer breast-feeding (Good bye ugly thick strapped nursing bras). I miss being flat chested (LOL) I feel like this is truly a camisole because of the semi thickness I wouldn’t have to wear a bra once I go back to being an A cup. It’s not thick and warm to the point I wouldn’t wear outside on a hot summer day. Very nice quality so far. I like it 😉 This would look cute in casual denim shorts or a simple skirt.

This is probably the one I like least out of the four tank tops. Not that it’s bad, just a personal preference and opinion. It’s the type of tank top a lot of people would have (except me?). The lace gives it an extra cute (I use this word too much) touch and I bought it out of the simplicity of it of course. It’s a one size product and usually they fit me but this ones a little on the loose side. It doesn’t look at flattering on me but It’ll do. I can wear long skirts, possibly neutral chiffons, with this. For reference I am 5 ft tall (153cm) and about under 90lbs (I don’t own a scale). I usually purchase XS for tops.

Pastel pink~ adding some color to the wardrobe instead of all neutrals. I really like this tank top. It’s similar to the brown knit top, except with smaller knits, a little less thick, but just as form-fitting and stretchy. The floral trimming is just adorable and graceful. I feel more lady like wearing this (LOL). I haven’t seen anyone with tops like this one so I’d say it’s quite unique. I’d definitely pair this with my lace trimmed denim shorts~

This ones definitely my favourite of the bunch, because it’s very street wear like and edgy. Can I also use the word sexy? Yeah, I haven’t felt sexy for over a year now! My belly is nowhere near what it used to look like still but give it time… I’ve never had abs in y life but i’ve also never had such a squishy flabby abdomen either. This Crop top will seriously give me that motivation boost I need.  Only thing I need to nitpick about this piece is the stray threads sticking out but this actually happens quite often ordering from yesstyle. To be honest though, I don’t really care. I snip it off and carry on. (HOW GOOD DOES THIS CROP TOP LOOK THOUGH OMG)

SHOES?! …They’re actually not that great (This is why I never order shoes online ). I’ve been looking for a pair of sandals that look like this, minus the pearls, since last year. I just like that simple horizontal band, peep toe and ankle strap kind of thing. Which is surprisingly hard to find and I don’t know why. I like the band because it makes me less self conscious of my feet and my toes. I have a case of almost chronic ingrown toenails on both toes and despite being a size 6-7 I have flat (and wide) feet . This pair however is made really narrow so my feet sides stick out (ugh). I usually go for a wedge heel instead of the blocky type but I thought I’d give it a go… never again. The block heel is wiggly and it does flatten completely on the ground unless I stand in a certain way. The pearl beads are uncomfortable but luckily they’re removable so I can replace it with a normal strap or even a ribbon. These sandals don’t really feel sturdy, hence the wobbly block heel, so I’m counting on these to wear out fairly quick. But whatever, not like I splurged on these, wear it for whatever summer remains we have left and move on.

Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack 80ml &Snow White Cream 50g (and some serum freebie)

Woo hoo skin care! I’ve been needing a new moisturizer for a WHILE so I picked up this cheap “whitening” cream because I’m all about that fair and pale korean look. I would talk more about it but I want to make a separate review post on it. LEt’s just say it’s decent for now. As for the sleeping pack, no idea~! I have it on my face as I type this actually. I havent used a sleeping pack in ages so I’m quite excited. I don’t know why I stopped. Now that I’m a full-time busy mom, sleeping packs are like the easiest, life saving, pampering product to use. I shall find out tomorrow morning how good it is and write-up a review. 😉 I love how they both come with mini spatulas. So cute. P.s I got a free serum sample. Yay.

Bookmarks!!! “… wait… huh?” YUP! Theyre bookmarks! super cute and cheap. I’m surprised by the quantity they gave me haha. You use it like you’d use a paper clip. Pretty neat huh? They gave me so much I’m going to share some with my best friend. She loves plants and nature so it’s perfect. I kind of want to purchase more of these in different varieties but I don’t have that many books to use them up LOL. Instead of using sticky labels, they’re really good for bookmarking certain pages for studying too so that’s nice (I’m studying for my GED).

THAT’S IT FOLKS! This is the end of my rambling haul ( I have no life).

List and links of products:

Knit Camisole Top [Coffee – One Size]

Lace Trim Tank Top [Gray – One Size]

Spaghetti-Strap Floral-Trim Tank Top [Pink – One Size]

Lettering Tank Top [Black – One Size]

Block-Heel Sandals [Beaded – Black – 38]

Snow White Cream 50g [50g]

Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack 80ml [80ml]

Mini Bookmark (Set or Individual Piece) [Nature – One Size]



BONUS CUTE PICS~ I came across these gachapon machines after morning dimsum with the fam and rolled~ Got two totoro characters in ball form? I didn’t know white “soots” or white “susuwatari” existed?  Unless I’m wrong and they’re something else (please tell me if you know ghibli fans!). I started adding hanging them on my daughters bouncer so she gets a variety instead of the same old owls.